Bachelor and master projects

I did my bachelor's and master's projects at the Telecommunications Laboratory of the Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

These projects were devoted to development of subsystems for the Information System called Nadmin. Nadmin (Network ADMINistrator) supports regional computer networks through provision of a number of services for managemet of networks' abonents, processing of networks' traffic, calculation of service costs, etc. Nadmin is currently in use in three different regions in Russia.

Support of Subscribers' Accounts and Databases Synchronization in the Nadmin system (master's project)

For this project I was developing two following fundamental subsystems of Nadmin:

The first subsystem aims at managing accounts of the Nadmin's subscribers/abonents. The subscribers represent those individual people or organizations which are connected to the computer network. The Nadmin's accounting subsystem (NAS) operates with the profiles of the subscribers and with their accounts (which are similar to bank accounts). The NAS  is responsible for both: periodical (e.g. every minute) receiving data from "sensors" about the services (e.g. Internet, e-mail, IP-telephony, etc.) that the subscribers were using during the past periods, and calculation of the costs for these services. The resulting cost depends on the type of a subscriber. The cost for services is then subtracted from the current account ballance of the subscriber. If subscriber runs out of money, the NAS is responsible for disconnecting it from the network through changing the value in the related field of its profile.

The second subsystem aims at supporting the Nadmin's improvement and evolution. Namely it does periodical (e.g. every hour) matching of the database records of the newer version of Nadmin against the database records of the previous/older version of Nadmin, which run in parallel. The Nadmin's database subsystem (NDS) identifies the inconsistensy between the databases and helps the Nadmin's developers to find possible bugs in the newer version of this system.

Search functions and filling functions for the Geographic Information System of the Pereslavl-Zalessky telecommunications network (bachelor's project)

This project was devoted to development of a GIS for the Nadmin Information System. This GIS aims to dynamically locate the objects from the Nadmin database (e.g. subscribers' houses, routers, hubs, etc.) in the geographical map of the region. Therefore, the GIS provides the visual graphical interface for Nadmin that supports human actors to work with this system.

For this project I was developing two fundamental functionalities of the GIS:  (1) inserting data to the Nadmin's database from the map, and (2) searching the Nadmin's data and displaying the search results on the map.